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Monday, October 3, 2011

Shall we all meet in the Autumn?

"Are these gorgeous flowers from your garden?" 
The question was asked of me with such an incredulous tone that I responded, no doubt, with the same surprise; " Well of course, ~ I'm a florist and what florist DOESN'T grow his own flowers?"
(if he's able)

 Obviouly this never crossed my clients mind (she works in finance and apparently thinks flowers are machine made).  And so, although a new concept to her, she admired the sample design and ordered 52 pieces...

 Now, as the colder days (and much rain) approach, I'm gathering the green tomatos, yellow and green gourds, and the rest of  the dahlias before they fizzle out.  And while I rummage through the last whithering vines in search of a stray,  I laugh to myself,  and think "I can't believe these gorgeous flowers came from my garden!"