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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What's in a flower

When I was teaching @ Parsons School of Design on 40th Street in NYC, I learned that if you wanted to remember someones name, the simple rule was this; just say the name back to the person you've just been introduced to ~ like, " Amy, I'm so glad you're in this class".  If that doesn't work, try connecting the name to a familiar person, object or event, for instance, " Carmen" (like the opera Carmen) or "Carmen" (as in Miranda ~ the lady with the tutti fruity hat).

 Well, while that would work on occasion, I found a rather simple, if unorthodox system that works for me.

 Like many, I always remember a face, a name not so much. But what I can recall, even years after meeting someone, is the flower that they told me was their favorite.  

I wonder if there are people with passions in other fields that have a similar capacity (say, a chef with favorite foods or a mechanic with favorite cars).