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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ok so here are the green (and gold) skeletons!

These lil guys came in pieces, so the first thing to do is to glue wooden picks into the joints to get them to pose as needed

So here's a little guy almost done, leaning up against the walnut logs we're using on the escort table...(some will also be cut into discs for the candles on the dinner tables.)

I'll tell ya one thing, there's a whole lotta gluin' gonin' on!
Yes, as promised, here are a few shots of the glitter skeletons we're creating for the Halloween wedding!
This is the early incarnation of them, but I'll post more pictures when they are finished.
I'll tell you this, I'm gonna miss the warm Autumn weather when it goes... It is SO much nicr working outdoors than inside.