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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Harvard Club Spring time Wedding

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  1. So let me ask you, what was the joy of helping to destroy someones marriage? What joy did it bring you? And really what did you get out of it? Not a lasting relationship because he moved on from you. You are an ugly person who hides behind pretty flowers. Did you enjoy the grief you brought me? Did you enjoy the fact that one of Steve's dogs went into such a spiral when he left that he died of a broken heart? You seemed to enjoy it all when I called you and you laughed at me. In the end you ended up with nothing, but I need to thank you because I ended up with so much more. I moved back to Manhattan and ironically live 2 blocks from your shop. I reconnected with friends I hadn't seen in years. I made new friends. You even taught me things. I know I will never have an affair with a married man and break up a marriage and cause someone heartache. I learned that I don't want to end up like you, a 62 year old man that has to get it where he can. You taught me that I don't want to be an evil, soulless person, like you are, who takes pleasure in destroying others. So, for that I thank you. And take this bit of advice, or don't - it's never too late to change. Try to be a light in the world and not a black cloud because it will only get you where you are - alone. Karma exists, Cory. Remember that.