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Sunday, January 30, 2011

So after a really rough ride for this last year...

Is there a soul around who ever expected to live though the new depression? I think it's like an American girl story gone terribly wrong. ( I say this because my 2 daughter's ~ now teenagers ~ have cumulatively acquired all the "girls " and most of their stuff, now resting in storage in my attic) However, after a rather slow summer, I had been running around like mad this past fall/winter season...I don't know why everyone was waiting so long to book their events (just weeks before they are happening) but just the same, I've been at this for so long (27 years! yikes) It guess it really doesn't faze me...
So I was scrolling through endlessly dreary T.V. offerings the other day and fell upon this show where these 2 "designers" were frantically trying to procure a large amount of hydrangeas for some absurdly "large" event (I mean LARGE is so relative). But anyway this one guy is sitting in this white room on the phone with what I suppose are his suppliers having an impossible time getting these hydrangeas, which HE chose to use ~ mind you, not the client (who knows nothing about this), and the other guy is visiting this "fashion designer" friend, who now wants them to do this party for her, only about 30 people or so, and their all up in arms because they don't know how they will handle TWO events so close together! I don't thnk TV viewers are so desperate for this stuff that they actually buy into this; I think there just are not enough authentic designers intrested in creating fantasy drama for the sake of drama. I mean what bona fide floral decorator couldn't handle more than one event at a time? (Especially when the 2nd is only 30 people?)

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